The Art of Art Walls

Family photos are a great way to turn a house into a home.  Mixing photos from your family's past and present, maps from where your ancestors came from, your child's first hand-print, and art from your five year old all make the perfect pieces for your composition.    

How do you create this personal historical masterpiece?  Once you have selected the pieces, make a list of dimensions and then hit the flea markets or Aaron Brothers for frames. Hive likes mixing all different finishes and sizes of frames which add interest, while using the same color and size of matting to create uniformity (for the smaller pictures no matting is necessary).  Next, layout all of your frames on the floor and try to vary the sizes and frame styles.  Finally, get hanging and don't forget your level!  We found it helpful to start at one end of the staircase and work up, keeping spacing consistent between the frames.  We also added velcro tape to the backs of the frames to hold the pieces in place.  Check out the before and after shots below.